Considering the comfort of wooden decking

Considering the comfort of wooden decking

Many families would choose wooden flooring as their paving option because of its comfort. 

However, you should be aware that many fires are started by other reasons or things and not necessarily by you.

 Is the wood flooring business facing a catastrophe as a result of this trend? No, the wood board business is progressing in the face of adversity, employing intelligence and science to overcome obstacles, and the fireproof floor was

born.  So, what exactly is a fireproof floor? What are the benefits of fireproofdecking?

What is a fireproof decking?

Fire-resistant decking often uses fiberboard, material planks, plywood, and other building materials as the foundation, with paint or impregnated paper as the veneer, and can achieve a certain level of flame-retardancy.

It can reach the B1 level and meet the poison standard. Fireproof decking is innovatively built for public spaces, but it is also recommended for use in everyday décor. 

It can also be utilised in children's and elder's rooms because of its extremely high abrasion and heat resistance.

The advantages of the fireproof decking

The fire-resistant floor is extremely durable, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant, and anti-aging. It is appropriate for usage in both public and private settings. 

Fireproof decking has proven successful at preventing fires and reducing losses caused by fires. At the same time, it can slow the spread of the fire and lessen the concentration and toxicity of the gas during the fire, making it easier for people to escape.

Furthermore, fireproof decking can reduce the risk of a fire to a certain extent.