Why are Entry level awnings cheaper?

Why are Entry level awnings cheaper?

Here are some key reasons why entry level awnings are cheaper compared to other awning brands, these are as follows:

    • Entry level awnings are manufactured in bulk in China and then transported to the UK in containers. 
    • Their awnings are only available in set sizes, set colours and the operation side is always located on the left-hand side. 
    • They are only available in white or grey cassette colours. 
    • All fabrics are made from less quality fabric, this means the fabric will fade after over time (this can be around 12-18 months of use)
    • All metalwork on their awnings are not galvanised or pre-treated , meaning they will rust over time. 
    • You are limited to what stock they have on the shelf and if your chosen awning fabric/awning is out of stock, there can be a long wait till the next stock arrives. 
    • They are designed for the DIY market, so a lot of clients would purchase the awning themselves and fit the awning themselves. Depending on who you purchase your awning from (i.e. Primrose, Outsunny etc), a third party installation service may be available and we are one of Primrose’s approved installation teams. But this does involve the client checking to make sure all of the awning items have arrived safely and are not damaged. Opening the box to check the awning fabric is correct to what has been ordered. 
    • The condition of the entry levels awnings can arrive scratched, slightly dented etc. This is normal 
    • For awnings up to 4.5m wide, the awnings are dispatched using DX using 1-man to off-load the awning. For awnings over 4.5m, a 2-man delivery team from Bishopsgate will plan a day to deliver the awning (currently 2023). 
    • Unlike the larger brands of awnings i.e. Weinor or Markilux, entry level awnings are manufactured using a cheaper quality motor system which has limits on the motor. This means overtime, the motor limits may need adjusting and would need to be carried out by the client. With the larger brands, they use a better quality of awning motor, which works using tension, which means the motor limits shouldn’t need to be adjusted. 

What is the difference in price between entry level and the custom-made brands?

For the entry level awning range such as Primrose awnings. The prices can start from as little as £269.99 including VAT based on a 2.5m wide budget awning and go all the way up to £1,999.99 including VAT. These prices do not include the operation on electric models or the delivery and does involve the client adding up all of the different prices.

It is worth noting, if you opt for an approved installer, the price to install wouldn’t be included in the prices above. If you are within our area, to install an awning we charge from £350 including VAT for an awning upto 3.5m wide and from £400 including VAT for an awning over 4m wide. We also do add onto our quote, a charge of £60 including VAT for chemical resin, just in case this is required on the day. If the chemical resin isn’t required and our normal method of fixing is used, the £60 charge isn’t payable and is credited off the invoice.

With the custom-made awnings i.e. Weinor, these are made to measure and prices start from £1,999.99 including VAT and fitting. The prices quoted are based on supply and installation and are for the complete package.

At Saffron Shutters & Awnings, we deal with both awning manufacturers and understand that there is a big difference in price and sometimes people do not want to spend a lot of money on an awning. But we like to be honest and ensure the client is aware why the entry level awnings are cheaper compared to the custom-made ones.

If you are interested in an awning and would like more information, please feel free to contact us on 01799 615000 or email us on [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist.