Have you wondered why entry-level awnings come at a lower price point compared to custom-made brands? Here are some key insights:

  1. Manufacturing Efficiency: Entry-level awnings are produced in bulk in China, allowing for cost-effective manufacturing and transportation to the UK.
  2. Limited Options: These awnings are available in set sizes, and colours, and with standard features, simplifying production and reducing costs.
  3. Material Quality: Entry-level awnings use fabrics of lower quality, which may lead to fading over time, typically after 12-18 months of use. Additionally, the metalwork is not galvanized or pre-treated, making it prone to rust.
  4. Stock Availability: Customers are limited to available stock, and out-of-stock items may result in waiting periods for replenishment.
  5. DIY Market Focus: Designed for DIY installation, these awnings may arrive with minor imperfections and require self-assembly. Professional installation services may be available for an additional cost.
  6. Motor System: Entry-level awnings often feature cheaper motor systems with limitations that may require adjustments over time, unlike premium brands that utilize higher quality, tension-based motor systems.

In terms of pricing:

Entry-level awnings, such as Primrose, start from £269.99 and can go up to £1,999.99 excluding additional items like controllers, delivery, and installation.

– Custom-made options, like Weinor, start from £2,999.99 including VAT and fitting, providing tailored solutions with comprehensive installation services.

At Saffron Shutters & Awnings, we acknowledge the price discrepancy between entry-level and custom-made awnings. Our commitment to transparency ensures that customers understand the factors influencing pricing. For inquiries or assistance, contact us by email or fill in contact form

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