25cm Cube Wooden Windowsill Planter – With Insert – Grey

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This windowsill planter is ideal for any budding botanists, who are looking to add some lush greenery to their indoor spaces, or it's perfect as a herb garden.

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  • Product Description
Product Description

This Cubed Planter is the perfect home for an indoor plant. Perhaps you're looking to grow some bonsai, or you might like to have a desk plant. This versatile wooden planter is a sturdy and long lasting home for your indoor plants.B

Indoor plants bring a wide array of benefits, such as better air quality, as well as a more calming environment. You can also benefit from the meditative art of growing your own plants.



  • Length:B 25cm
  • Width:B 25cm
  • Height:B 25cm


  • Length:B 18.5cm
  • Width: 18.5cm
  • Height:o;? 17cm
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