893 Litre Wooden Compost Bin – Large Composter

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The 893 Litre Wooden Compost Bin by Woven Wood is a robust and efficient composting solution, ideal for large gardens. Made from durable, eco-friendly wood, this large composter provides ample space for all your garden and kitchen waste. Its sturdy, woven design ensures optimal airflow, accelerating the composting process while enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

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  • Product Description
Product Description
  • Pressure-treated pine with a smooth planed finish - robust and visually appealing pine enhances any garden setting
  • Enhanced air circulation - wooden slats promote aeration, known to accelerate the composting process
  • Easy Assemble, with no tools required, although a rubber mallet is recommended.
  • Easily turn garden waste such as leaves and grass into nutrient-rich compost, as this compact compost bin provides an accelerated compost process.
Height: 70cm Length: 113cm Width: 113cm Discover the ultimate eco-friendly solution with this wooden slatted composter, designed for efficient and accelerated compost creation. The gaps in the slats allows for aeration of the composter, which allows for quicker composting. These slats are joined without the use of nails or screws, which means you don't need complex tools to assemble this composter. Simply push the slats into each other, to form a box, which will become your new composter. This 893 Litre large compost bin is also compact, which means that it can fit in even the smallest of gardens.
  • Home assembly required
  • Enhanced airflow through slat gaps
  • Easy-to-remove front slats
Download Standard Compost Bin Instructions
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