Capped Hazel Hurdle Fence Panel Premium Weave

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Enhance your garden with our eco-friendly Hazel Hurdle Fence Panel. Handcrafted from premium-quality hazel wood, this rustic fence panel seamlessly blends into traditional and modern gardens. With natural durability and easy installation, it's a charming and sustainable addition to any outdoor space.

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Product Description

Enhance your garden with the eco-friendly Hazel Hurdle Fence Panel, showcasing a rustic design that seamlessly blends into traditional English country gardens and modern urban spaces alike.

The durable Hazel Hurdle Fence Panel, crafted from coppiced hazel, features robust 1-2cm thick horizontal branches, ensuring longevity and a sturdy appearance. With correct installation, this fencing delivers dependable performance for years to come.

Coppiced hazel guarantees flexibility and consistent thickness, as branches are sourced from new growth. Easily customize the Hazel Hurdle Fence Panel by adjusting verticals or horizontals to achieve the perfect height and width for your outdoor space.

All height measurements are taken from the bottom of the weave to the top.

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