Dual Panel Heavy Duty Chestnut Fence 6ft x 6ft

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Enhance your garden with our eco-friendly Hazel Hurdle Fence Panel. Handcrafted from premium-quality hazel wood, this rustic fence panel seamlessly blends into traditional and modern gardens. With natural durability and easy installation, it's a charming and sustainable addition to any outdoor space.

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Product Description

Our Heavy Duty Dual Panel Fence is not for the light-hearted, as the high quality chestnut wood used is not for normal fences. Our fences are of the highest quality, and having them in your garden says the same thing about you. Our Chestnut Dual Panel Fence is the pinnacle of fencing. They're handcrafted, premium quality panels.

Our panels are made from the finest sourced chestnut, and then shaped and crafted intoB our panels. Instead of being treated with lacquers and machine cut, ours are made naturally.

But this panel is unique to our other panels. This is the creme of the crop. The elegance of our dual panel is unmatched, and it is unique to us.

Dimensions: 6ft x 6ft

Thickness: 2 inches

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