Award winning Saffron Shutters & Awnings are a family run company specialising in transforming your outdoor area into a stunning and functional space, with their huge range of bespoke shutters and awning they have something for everyone. They are based near Cambridge covering areas including  Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Bedfordshire & Home Counties. The team at Saffron Shutters & Awnings offer their wealth of experience and a  reliable, trusted and pocket friendly service, they pride themselves on achieving the highest  standards and customer service possible whilst ensuring you are left 100% satisfied.

At E2 Media we have recently unveiled our highly anticipated 2024 Awards of Excellence, recognising outstanding achievements in various industries. Among the esteemed recipients, Saffron Shutters & Awnings stands out as a beacon of excellence, having been honoured with this prestigious award for two consecutive years. Saffron Shutters & Awnings exceptional dedication to providing unparalleled customer service has set them apart, earning them the recognition and admiration of both their industry peers and clients alike. This accolade not only reaffirms Saffron Shutters & Awnings commitment to excellence but also highlights their consistent efforts to go above and beyond in ensuring a positive and seamless experience for their customers.

Saffron brings a touch of sophistication to homes, enhancing both their interior and exterior. Saffron Shutters boasts an impressive array of window shutters designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. Their shutters are not merely decorative elements, they are crafted to provide a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

When creating  comfortable outdoor space they can create and install bespoke awnings providing a stylish and functional solution for homeowners looking to enjoy their outdoor area while staying protected from the sun’s harsh rays. They offer an extensive range of awning styles, fabrics and colours allowing you to customise your outdoor space to match your unique preferences.

At Saffron and Shutters their services and products don’t stop there, they offer bespoke balustrades both glass and stainless steel systems. These balustrades are not just barriers but artistic statements that enhance the visual appeal of any environment, whether residential or commercial. All of their systems are designed, configured and installed to the highest standard and are approved installers for Balconette’ Balcony systems.

So if you want to transform your outdoor space in a beautiful usable area then Saffron Shutters & Awnings is the go to choice. The testimonials and satisfaction of their clientele speak volumes about the trust and reliability that Saffron has instilled over the years. People choose Saffron not just for the products but for the experience, seamless, reliable, and transformative. For more information visit

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